The release of P-EF V3.1

Highlighted Updates

  • P-EF V3.1 released and ready for download at
  • Improved accuracy and calculation speed.



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About P-EF 3.1

We are proud to announce that P-EF (a.k.a. pro-EMFATIC for FEMAP) V3.1 has been released. Working with FEMAP as an integrated module, P-EF is a software product that predicts fatigue life, fatigue damage, and durability (safety factor) of mechanical products using "crack-initiation" fatigue calculations.

This release brings a number of enhancements, some of which are listed below. To know more about P-EF, please visit

Support for the latest version FEMAP V11


P-EF V3.1 supports the latest version of FEMAP V11 with seamless interface.

High-speed Rainflow Counting


In this latest version of P-EF, Rainflow Counting of fatigue cycles from Time History has been greatly improved. It only takes about 4 seconds to identify all stress or strain cycles in a history of 1 million data points.

Contact Us

To upgrade to P-EF V3.1 or to learn more about these new features and capabilities, please send an email to

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