The release of P-EF V3.0
Highlighted Updates
  • P-EF V3.0 released and ready for download at
  • P-EF V3.0 supports the latest  version of FEMAP V10.3.1 with seamless interface.
  • One more Loading Type added: Superposition.
  • License managed by FLEXLM License Management System
  • Updated User Guide and Tutorial Book

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About P-EF V3.0

We are proud to announce that P-EF (a.k.a. pro-EMFATIC for FEMAP) V3.0 has been released. Working with FEMAP as an integrated module, P-EF is a software product that predicts fatigue life, fatigue damage, and durability (safety factor) of mechanical products using "crack-initiation" fatigue calculations.

This release brings a number of enhancements, some of which are listed below. To learn more about P-EF, please visit

One more Loading Type: Superposition


P-EF V3.0 offers one more loading type when using FEA results from FEMAP for durability evaluation. In addition to duty cycle and loading history, the user can now choose superposition which allows more flexibility in fatigue calculation.

Rotation capability of three-dimensional histograms


P-EF V3.0 offers rotation capability of three-dimensional histograms during cycle counting and damage assessment, affording the user unobstructed views of the result from all angles.

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